The church on Phu Quoc Island reached another milestone on February 17th as they celebrated the ground breaking for their new facilities. Pastor Thai Phuoc Truong, Chairman of Christian Association, was in attendance for the event and preached in the morning service. The theme for the service was, "To Lay The Foundation Stone." Dr. Anh reports that it was a wonderful service and that they hope to have the new church completed within four months. As with all buildings projects, additional funds are needed, but the Christians on Phu Quoc are full of faith and moving forward. Why not partner with us in this great endeavor?

Phu Quoc Church: the Summer Bible Course 2012 for Children 

Since Phu Quoc church has the nice building and the permanent pastor, the church has organized many activities to bring people to Jesus. Especially summer is a good opportunity to carry out many programs for children. In the past, the location is the big problem of gathering children. Thank the Lord, and thank the brothers and sisters of MV for praying and helping Phu Quoc to have the land and the building!

To reciprocate your love, the believers of Phu Quoc had tried their best to strengthen the church. Besides reinforcing the permanent activities - such as Sunday worship service, Bible classes for different ages, prayer meeting, etc. - Phu Quoc Church has given priority for the activities to bring many souls to Jesus.

The Construction Committee also has big concern for the churches on the islands (Phu Quoc, Phu quy). In May, Pastor Nguyen Huu Binh, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phuoc, Dr. Ngoc and Dr. Anh had visited Phu Quoc Church. Pastor Binh spent the whole Sunday to share about the Gospel, especially about the Holy Spirit. The team offered one computer so that the pastor could use it to teach the children. The team also spent time to visit many members of the deacon group. This visiting gave a great encouragement to the local pastor and the believers. The Construction Committee always thinks that the church building could be old, but the spirits of believers must be renewed every minute.

In the following, we would like to share with you about a recent event – their Summer Bible Course, as a gift for all your hard works to raise fund for Phu Quoc Church:

The Summer Bible Course this year had 68 children attending, 38 among them were non-believers. They were divided into 2 classes: young children (5-10 years old) & children (above 11 years old).

Being born and grown up on an island, a boat is not something strange to the children at Phu Quoc Church; but this is the first time 38 out of 68 children have heard about “The Faith Boat.”  

The course has started in the morning of Sunday 10 Jun 2012 at Phú Quốc Church, Kiên Giang Province. The children were like a fish out of water, because for many of them this is the first time they enter an evangelical church, join with the children of the church, and sing Hymns & Christian songs – such as the Hymn “Be a friend of Jesus” encourages them as the first step to come near the Faith Boat.    


Through this information, we hope that you will continue praying for our churches here. Although it is much easier than before, we still have to face a lot of challenges. We always need a fellow passenger, as you are, to help us to get over all these difficulties.