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Update On Dak Sak Church – Dak Nong Province

Dak Sak Church is located in the highland of Vietnam. The community is the M’Nong tribe of ethnic minority people, who live by tilling the fields on the mountain slopes. Their lives are very hard because they are poor and have low income. Many of them do not know God. They are superstitious, worshipping false gods such as mountain gods, jungle gods, and their lives sink into sins.

From 1990 - 1994, with the Holy Spirit’s favour and revival, many people came to Jesus. The total membership was 65, baptized 25. In 1999, the membership was up to 270. Brothers and sisters in Christ volunteered to go to the jungle, chop down the trees, and make a chapel with 6 meters width and 9 meters long.

From 1995 to 2005, the church went through a severe persecution period; God’s Children seemed not to overcome all the difficulties happening in their lives. Thanks to God, by His protection and guidance, God’s Children stood confidently on their faiths. The strange thing was that the more hard persecution the church faced to, the more people came to Christ. One example is Mr. Y Moi, who had been a 40 year communist member and persecuted the church strongly, turned to repent and receive Christ. He then was transformed into a new life in Christ.

In 2006, the church was recognized by the local government, God’s Children had more freedom to worship God. However, the wooden chapel was in a dilapidated condition; the roof and the wooden plank walls were decayed. The chapel was quite unsafe under the heavy rain for the congregation. But the most important reason is that the number of church members has been increasing, so the chapel does not have enough rooms for everyone. Dak Sak Church began to pray and plead God for a wider, spacious, and more stable building.

In this photo, the congregation is worshipping in the old chapel. There are many people have to sit outside.

Thank the Lord, by the Holy Spirit inspiration and action, from 2011, the local government gave land and other papers allowing the church to build the new temple. The total construction budget is about 60.000 USD. It sounds that the budget is very far from the church affordability, but rely on  His promise in Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,” Dak Sak Church began the construction by faith.

When the church began the construction, they had only 1.500 USD. People said that believers here was the poorest in the village, how they could dare to build such a big church like that, only miracle happen so that they could complete it. However, the miracle did happen, the church received God provision to build His church. God’s Children earnestly pray and working very hard in order to giving money for God’s work.

There are many stories that we would like to testify. In Dak Sak Church, many believers had to work hard as labors, to get about 5 dollars per day, and contribute to the construction. Although their lives are very hard, they have the light of God in their hearts. An old woman said that despite her poor family and her serious illness, she could never afford the treatment, but she would like to offer 200.000 VND (# 10 dollars) for the church construction, that is the amount of money for buying medicine for her treatment. On September 22nd, 2013, she passed away. Her words still remain in heart of every believers in the church.

Thanks the Lord, with the heart offering of God’s children in the church and the other churches, the church could have around 35,000 USD. Following are some pictures of the church constructing process:


Thank our Lord, by his grace and his provision, the church building has been completed and has it operation and dedication on December 3rd 2013. The ceremony was held in an overwhelming joy of his children.

We are grateful to God for what He has done for Dak Sak Church. From now on, God’s children can worship him in a spacious and stable sanctuary. We also would like to give our best appreciation for your contribution. May God bless you for all of your works for Vietnamese churches.