Điện Phước Church – Điện Phước Commune, Phong Thử Suburban District, Quảng Nam Province – is a branch church of Phong Thử Church. Pastor Bùi Hùng is in charge of it. 

The total number of believers is 80; the population in this area is 3,000. Their weekly congregation is 30. In 2011 there are 5 baptism receivers. The church worship in every Wednesday evening; they go out-reach & do evangelism on every Thursday morning; home-visitation is held on Friday; they also have evangelical meeting once per month. 

They currently worship God at a believer’s house. They have bought an adjacent land of 203m2, so they are making a sanctuary size 8m x 16m. The total budget is 600 millionVND =30,000 USD. 

The church has tried their best in giving offerings to make the foundation, fill up the land, build the pillars & beams & girders with 300 million VND=15,000 USD. Now they have bought the bricks to build the walls and have continued offering 50 million VND=2,500 USD more. However, they do not dare to continue the construction, because the area is frequently under storm and flood. If they build the walls without having doors and roofs done, the stormy winds will blow down the walls. 

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Testimony of Mr. Moc Luong and Update about Dien Phuoc Church


Thank the Lord for sowing the seeds of gospel in Dien Phuoc long ago. God had some people here, who offered to serve Him, fruitful for Him. There were also many people faithful and wholeheartedly love God. This is one of the stories about the early seeds in Dien Phuoc, the story of Mr. Moc Luong via the testimony of Pastor Bui Hung.

Gospel was spread to Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province in the early of the 1920s. Among the most earnest and positive response in Dien Ban area was in Dien Phuoc ward. In a short time, many people from diverse social classes converted. Their lives were not only transformed and became the active witnesses of God, but many of them offered their lives for Him. Among that, Phong Thu Church, which included those who lived in Dien Phuoc ward, had the largest numbers of Christians in Vietnam who offered their lives at that time. Therefore, in the early of 1940s, God’s people in Dien Phuoc disired a church building so that His Kingdom would come to this area. Particularly it was Mr. Nguyen Van Luong (Moc Luong) who always long for that. He wanted not only a church in this area, but he also wanted to offer his land to build that church.

In 1944, pastor of Phong Thu Church, Rev. Hoang Trong Van (the son of Rev. Hoang Trong Thua – the First President of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam) had got a badly disease. It was very difficult at that time. Mr. Moc Luong invited all of Rev. Hoang Trong Van family to live in his house so that he could take care the pastor easier. Over a year later, in 1945, Rev. Hoang Trong Van passed away. Mr. Moc Luong intered Rev. Hoang Trong Van in his own garden.

Mr. Moc Luong was an eager person, who always volunteer and were willing to sacrifice for God’s work. He was not the only person to receive the blessing of God, but the Lord also bless his children. He has a son-in-law that was the first President of the Christian Missionary Association. Also, his two sons were also pastors.

After 1975, when many people returned to their homeland, the local government did not allow these people to build their houses on Mr. Moc Luong’s land. Thank the Lord, the government did not take over Mr. Moc Luong’s land, but they let his daughter to use the land. After many years of evangelizing and preaching, the General Church Assembly of ECVS recognized Dien Phuoc Church.

 The congregation decided to buy a plot of land and build a church building. They considered several places but none of them could satisfy the church. Eventually, the church decided to choose the land of Mr. Moc Luong. Although the area is small, the family members are glad to give this land to the church.

Thank the Lord, from the construction began, there are three people received God, and there are four women who used to be Christians but married to the non-Christian, now they want to repent and return to God but they fear their husbands. The church has been visiting and praying for them. Particularly, among the believers, there is Mr. Nguyen Van Phao, 75, who has badly disease and has to stay on his bed, so he could not see the church building. However, when he was told by his family member that the church is being built on Mr. Moc Luong’s land, the Holly Spirit acted in his heart. The image of Mr. Moc Luong and the Bible verse John 3:16 that Mr. Moc Luong had taught along with the testimonies that he had heard when he was young motivated him to return to God. In October 6, 2013, Mr. Phao invited the church come to his house and pray for him. Before we pray, he witnessed the life of Mr. Moc Luong and spoke out John 3:16.

Thank the Lord, though Mr. Moc Luong died, “he still speaks” (Hebrews 11:4)

Below are some pictures of church’s activities: 


The church gathers every Wednesday evening at the new building.

The number of attendants are about 30-35 people. In 2014, the church service will be on Sunday afternoon.

The church has two staff to do church visitation on Saturday morning and witnessing on Thursday morning. The evangelical meetings are held every month. Many people have heard the gospel and like the church but they could not overcome the force of the family and social, so there are only a few people receiving God.


The congregation bought a communion table, and a sound system.

Thank the Lord, by the offering hearts of brothers and sisters in MV, the church now has a front door. 

We give thanks to the Lord for what He has done and for His provision. We also would like to express our deeply appreciation to our brothers and sisters in MV for your offering hearts for the construction of Dien Phuoc Church.

Please remember Dien Phuoc Church and pray for them, so that many people will offer their lives to serve God.