Envision hearing, after being harassed for years and even jailed for preaching the gospel, that you now have a "license to preach" the gospel and will even be able to construct over one hundred new preaching houses! This is exactly what ministers in Vietnam and experiencing. If you remember, in a previous newsletter we told you about a shrimping village about an hour from Saigon that Dr. Wright had visited.


This church had become the focal point of the community and is providing a focal point for Christian evangelism and discipleship.

It is the vision of Mission Vietnam's leadership to see American churches around the country, "adopt" similar churches throughout Vietnam. This partnership between American and Vietnamese churches would provide a stimulus of growth that would bring unprecedented growth to the Kingdom of God in Vietnam.


Our vision is to see this partnership flourish through correspondence and the sharing of testimonies and projects alike as each congregation works toward the same goal. Our Executive Director, Dr. Wayne Wright, writes of his recent conversation with Brother Samuel (General Superintendent for the A/G church in Vietnam) as well as the General Superintendent for the CMA church, "Both pastors were very excited about the idea of sister churches. The Communist government has already approved building 45 churches throughout the country of Vietnam— just for the Assembly of God church. They have also approved at least three times that number for the CMA church!"

The inflation rate in Vietnam is now escalating (approximately 20% a year) but these churches can still be built for under $15,000 each. Brother Samuel talked about a church that was recently completed in the Central Highlands. He stated that the community was so excited about the church that they come to the church daily! Brother Samuel would like to concentrate the first few churches in the Central Highlands where he thinks the greatest need exists.