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He Hated Christians


The man’s name is Toan (pronounced Twon), but his name could just as well be Paul.

He was the chief of police in his city of Son Lam, about 100 miles from Cam Ranh Bay where many of our troops fought in the Vietnam war. Like the apostle Paul, Toan despised the Christians and caused trouble for them at every opportunity. Because of his level of authority, he was able to be especially cruel to the believers. But one night he had a dream. It was a beautiful place he saw in this dream, one like he’d never seen before. He noticed his wife wasn’t there with him and asked the man in his dream where she was. He told her he had to go back and tell his wife and others about this place, because they couldn’t go there until they knew about it. When he awoke, Toan didn’t understand what the dream meant, so he pondered it in his heart and continued with his life as before only the dream continually stayed on his mind.


One day his son became deathly sick. He turned to every source of help he knew, from doctors to Buddist religious leaders, but no one could help. One of the pastors he had persecuted found out about his son. He told Toan that he would pray to God and that God would heal his sick son. God did heal the young man and the persecutor became a believer! It came with consequences with the police department. He was demoted to sweeping the streets outside the police station and treated with angry disgust. The treatment didn’t deter Toan’s newfound faith, it made him fight harder and become stronger. He hungered to learn more of God’s Word and even went on to be a pastor! 


Toan and his wife Khanh (Can) have committed their lives to Christ and pastor one of the churches sponsored by Mission Vietnam. We were able to fund this church building project that was built in the summer of 2014. We visited them this Spring 2016 and were so amazed by these people. They now have 400 members who come to hear the Word of God preached! They even stand outside the church building in the rain when there’s no room inside!  They have a need of 40 pews and a pulpit that would help reach more souls. We sat in this beautiful church building and heard the angelic voices of their youth choir. We had the priceless opportunity to sing with them side by side. Us in our language, them in theirs. Voices we wouldn’t have had the privilege to hear...souls that wouldn’t be in that beautiful place called Heaven that God showed Toan, if it weren’t for the ministry of Mission Vietnam. A ministry that helps the Sauls who become Pauls have a church building, a place to change lives for eternity. Thank you for supporting Mission Vietnam.