Tâm Vu church was established over 10 years, started by 50 believers, they worshiped in the house of one believer. The church had a lot of challenges with the government. 

The local authority asked the church to buy the land but it must be out of town. After the story of Mrs. Le that Mission Vietnam helped to build the house. The government is more open with the church. They allowed to buy the land.

Mission Vietnam help 50% to buy the land, the mother church and the local believer offered another 50%. They bought the land

After having the land, the dream that the local believers have waited over 10 years, they are very eager to offer the money to build the church. They just spend money to buy materials, all the workers are believers.

There is the story of one man, he is a mason but he is a drunk for many years. His wife converted to Jesus, but she faced to a lot of difficulties with her husband. One day she came home and told the story of Mrs. Le. How God blesses her to have the house, to have scholarship for 2 children, and especially after having the house God continues to bless her on her business to feed the chickens… The story just broke his heart and he converted to Jesus at the right time the church need somebody to help to build the church. He becomes a new person. He quit drinking alcohol, his behavior with his wife change completely and he volunteers to help to build the church without any payment.

The need of the church:

  • Pay for the debt: 4,500 usd

  • 20 pews: 2,400 usd

  • Sound system: 2,000 usd

  • 1 organ: 1,000 usd

  • Podium for Pastor, communion table…: 1.000 usd

  • Water system: 1,000 usd

  • Electric system: 1,000 usd

  • Toilet: 2,500 usd


We are grateful to God for what He has done for Tam vu Church. We also would like to give our best appreciation for your contribution. May God bless you for all of your works for Vietnamese churches. 

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