Adopt a Penguin
Adopt a Penguin

After getting the building permit, the church at CẦN THƠ has held their groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction on their new church. The previous offerings received were just enough to pay for the foundation and the pillars, so the building has had to be left incomplete until now. The church at CẦN THƠ is praising our Lord for His provision coming just in time! Mission Vietnam (MV) has recently given the church an additional 15,000USD in support to finish the much- needed church.

After hearing of MV pledge to support their efforts, the construction committee bravely went forward and borrowed more money to continue the construction and prevent any further interruption in the construction process. At this point they have finished constructing the front wall and the tin roof and then they are going to complete the two sidewalls of the building. Of course, this requires the church to agree to a certain time for repayment of the money.

Because of your support of Mission Vietnam, we were able to provide timely financial support so that the construction would not have to be stopped. We are rejoicing that God has moved in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ, both here in the U.S. and in Vietnam, to help in this exciting time. The plan is to have the church building completed before Christmas. This will make it possible for the church at CẦN THƠ to celebrate Christmas in the new building. The last time MV team members visited, there was only the property over which they could pray. This time when the MV team comes they will be able to see a church that has the status of being a fully legalized church and owned by the church.

Please remember the pastor of the church in your prayers. Currently, Rev. Lư Hồng Sơn, pastor in charge of Giai Xuan, is trying to recover his health. So far his tumor has continued to grow and is affecting his kidneys, causing him a great deal of pain. At last report he was in the Can Tho Hospital.