My Phuoc Church Update 

Although My Phuoc Church has gone through many difficulties, by the prayers and 

efforts of all people,and the grace of God, the Class of Basic Doctrines for Baptism

has been started and has been running from June 1, 2012 until now.


The class is held once-a-week on Friday evenings from 6:00 pm to 6:45pm. In each session, there are around fifteen to twenty new believers attending. They need transportation to travel from far places to the church, so the church provides them a van. Also, because of living so

far away from the church, they also need something to eat during the long day of travel and class,so the church also provides them a  meal when they come to study the Bible.Beginning at 7 p.m. all of the people will join in a worship service at the church.  Please continue to pray for the new believers and that they can overcome all the obstacles they face to faithfully 

attend and finish the classes. Pray that God will increase their faith and use them, together with 

others, to take care of His house.

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Adopt a Penguin