The church in the Long An Province is a church with a great testimony of God’s divine favor being poured out on their efforts for the Kingdom of God. It is also an example of what can happen when your financial gifts are put to work by Mission Vietnam. Pastor TRAN THANH DUNG leads the church in the town of Tan An, in the Long An Province. The church was established in 1927. The old church building was built in 1956 and would seat approximately one hundred people. The average attendance at that time was about 50 to 70. After 1975 and the take-over of the communist government, the number of believers decreased to 30 to 50. However, since 1989, the number of believers has grown quickly because of the church’s personal witness program. In 2006 the church attendance had grown to 300 each Sunday with a total number of believers connected with the church being 600. Obviously, the church was beyond capacity.


Since October of 2007 the Long An church built a new church building.

To make matters worse, the old church building was very narrow and there was not enough room for 300 believers to worship together. The government had plans to extend the road in front of the church that would narrow the shape of the church building after the work was done. Circumstances did not look good for the church. But, it was then that a miracle occurred when a local businessman announced he wanted to open a coffee shop in a quiet place just outside of town where he owned a piece of property ten times the size of the church property.