Trường An Church - Trường An village, Đại Quang Commune, Đại Lộc Suburban, Quảng Nam Province – is a church located inside of a flood area. Every year the flood comes and submerges the old building 1,5m. In 2009 the flood water even rose up to 2m; the equipments of the church got a lot of damages. 

Pastor Huỳnh Thái Tâm, the first graduated generation of ECV theological seminary, is in charge of it. Pastor Sanh is assistant. 

The total number of believers is 550, the weekly congregation is 200. The population of this area (12 communes) is 160,000. They have 10 baptism receivers in 2011, and 16 in 2012. 

Their monthly offerings is 12 million VND (#600USD). 

The church has land ownership of 1,443m2. They are in the process of making a church building with 1 groundfloor & 1 upper floor; the area of the main hall is 176m2 with 250 seats. 

The total budget for the construction: 2,5 billionVND=125,000USD 

They have made a lot of efforts in giving offerings by many stages: they have donated piggy banks twice per year from 2006 until now, so they have offered 1,5 billion=75,000USD; and God’s children also offer their labours to make this church building. 

Now they are trying to offer 100 million=5,000USD. They are in need of 900 million=45,000USD to complete the church building.