Update from the Phuoc Thien Sister Church


The Building Continues!


Good news from the church at Phuoc Thien (near Chu Lai) which Mission Vietnam gave $13,000 towards assisting their building program. As you can see by the photos the church is making great progress in building their new facility.


However, as with many churches in Vietnam, it has not always been so. In 1975, the government confiscated Phuoc Thien's church property. Without a church building in which to worship, the church began meeting under the patio of several fishermen's homes. The roof leaked and the patio was open on two sides. This open area was also where the fishermen make and repair their fishing nets. Though they persevered for decades, during the years 2001-2005 the church experienced an increase in harassment from the government.

In 2009 things took a turn in their favor. The government returned the confiscated property to the church, but their building had been torn down. This did not detour the faithful people of the Phuoc Thien church. Again they persevered. Now, over 200 people attend this church each Sunday. The pastor is 63 years of age and pastors four other churches in the area. On Sundays, he commutes from church to church on his motorbike in order to carry the gospel to each congregation.


Just last year the church raised $5,000 to build a fence around their property and install a septic system, all with donated labor. This was done in an area where the average income is about $150.00 per MONTH! What a sacrifice! What an investment into the kingdom of God by the people! Having reached that point, but with no money for their building, Mission Vietnam donated $13,000 for a new facility and today the people in Phuoc Thien have a nice, new building in which to worship Jesus!


Once again Mission Vietnam was able to expand the Gospel in Vietnam by providing a place for people to worship. We share this with you because we want you to know this is how simple it is to grow the Kingdom of God in Vietnam. In addition, we could do this because of faithful people like you who are willing to give to Mission Vietnam. Just think of what else can be done. Think of the Vietnamese Christian people who are sacrificing the very food from their mouths to build churches in Vietnam! With your help dreams will come true, souls will be saved, churches will be built and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be carried to another community!

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