Journey Trips

Are you tired of just hearing about what God can do? Would you like to experience it for yourself? Join us for a life-changing mission trip to the country of Vietnam!

Vietnam is a breathtakingly beautiful country where the past and

present merge into a wonderful opportunity to experience God's

work in a country of proud, warm and welcoming people living

within the global 10/40 window of countries—many of whom are

just now beginning to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Often overlooked as a destination by western Christians because

of its association with the Vietnam War and Communist rule, many

have failed to see the doors of evangelism opening daily. Never

has the harvest been more ready for reaping. Never has the door

been opened wider. Vietnam is a nation in the birth-pangs of a

great revival!

With Mission Vietnam your group will:

  • Experience cultural diversity as we travel through cities and villages unlike any you have experienced before.

  • Develop an appreciation for a gracious and beautiful, yet forgotten people.

  • Learn what it takes to build relationships on the mission field that lead to an ongoing work for the Kingdom of God.

  • Visit churches filled with people who have placed their faith - even their lives - on the line.

  • Minister to many of the thousands of orphaned children of Vietnam.

  • Participate in projects to help the poorest of Vietnam.

And much more... of course there will be time for fun, shopping and unique experiences for all.

The Next Journey Trip is March 18th through April 1st 2020

Cost of Trip $3500

This included overseas travel from a US international airport to    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the in country flight, bus fare and hotels.   Breakfast is provided by the hotels.  Lunch and dinner is on your own.  


Team Leaders Greg & Glenda Bostock

For over 20 years Greg & Glenda Bostock have been a part of taking people on missions/journey trips to Vietnam. This coming trip you will get to experience the Vietnamese culture, we’ll also give you the opportunity to get involved in humanitarian projects and missions work.


We will take you on a boat trip though the famous Mecong Delta river, ride an elephant, visit the ethnic tribal people and see how they live, spend an afternoon with our orphans, visit the deaf and blind school. and many more memorable moments. 

Each morning the team will gather for a special time together in chapel service before starting for the days activities.


If you would like to join us on this journey please contact 

Greg and Glenda at  817-715-0424