Nhan Ai orphanage is an outgrowth of Nha Trang Evangelistic Orphanage Center (NTEOC) which was closed at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.  Before 1975 Christians in Vietnam and around the world helped keep these children together.  Not only were they given food and shelter, but they were filled with Jesus’ message of hope, grace and salvation.  The children were instructed in God’s love and compassion for Him and others.  


The children of NTEOC lost their families after the war.  Despite being scattered the children had been taught to endure in tough times.  These little children who now have gray hair, rose like wild flowers in the middle of the desert of life.  The orphan spirit still remains in their hearts.  They vowed never to forget their predecessors and benefactors who had come before them.


How could they repay God’s love for them?  What could they do for the many orphans who still suffer in Vietnam today?


In 2011 the previous war time orphans of NTEOC got together.  At that meeting they decided to honor their 60th anniversary by opening a new orphanage, an orphanage to “close the past and open the future, serving community and society.”  Nhan Ai Orphanage Center (NA) was born.  


There are currently 6 orphans at Nhan Ai Orphanage.